Vision is XOi’s cloud-based software platform that expands the reach of your existing workforce by:

Providing your customers a level of transparency that builds trust and grows business

Allowing your technicians to access practical field knowledge in real time or connecting them to the needed expert to stop rolling the second truck

Maximizing your workflows in the most efficient and effective ways possible

This is intelligent field service communications.

It Starts In The Field
Vision was created to seamlessly enhance the normal routine of field service technicians. Through iOS or Android mobile devices or wearable technology, your techs can easily gather and share vital information with the customer and the team. Discover the features of the Vision mobile interface.

Service Tickets


As your technicians execute the Workflow steps you’ve designed for them, a virtual “Service Ticket” is created for each job in Vision.

Within the Service Ticket section, you’ll find the content, tags and custom notes from the Workflow executed at each job site. Service Tickets not only help to index information coming into the system but it can also be used to notify people and departments when opportunities like sales and training present themselves.

Online Service Ticket interface for transparency and efficiency.
Access remote technicians and managers for real-time support.
Filter by tags to quickly sort content.
FSM integration auto-populates ticket information.
Create custom tags to categorize information.
Notes field connects techs, sales, management with all ticket information.
View technician notes, video, photos, receipts, insights, etc.

Knowledge Base


Ensuring that the right information is always available at the right time


Every service call is an opportunity to learn, to educate, and to verify. Documentation is critical to your team and your customers. What’s equally important is how that information is accessed. 
The Knowledge Base within Vision allows users across your organization to quickly retrieve, reference, and share the information that’s most important. Your technicians and office staff will be more effective and efficient in their processes, and your customers more empowered to make informed and confident decisions that grow your business.
Cloud-based repository provides access to training materials, site and equipment information, and recommendations that can be shared throughout your organization
Access remote technicians and managers for real-time support.
Quickly search entire database with custom content filters
Easily choose and send new content to stakeholders throughout your company: Sales, Training, Compliance, etc.
See a library of related content.
Vision fully integrates with your existing field service management platform to make life easier and more streamlined for your technicians. Discover our list of successful FSM integrations below.
Here are just a few of the partners who trust us to help them transform their businesses.
Featured Case Studies
"Five years ago we were like most companies: we had paper tickets, were dispatching like everybody else, and sent support when somebody got stumped on a job. When trying to grow your business, you either need to be more efficient — or you can use technology to close that gap."
— Steve Scott, VP of Facilities Solutions, Lee Company
"Our experience with XOi has been world-class professional. We are excited to discover the full potential for this technology. I have told our staff that we will reach the limit of this technology only when our imagination stops."
— Norval Luth, Market Equipment
"While there are incredible operational efficiencies that enable mobility and collaboration for our staff through telepresence and increased accountability, the real benefit of this technology is that our customers can now witness firsthand the current state of their building through a multi-media experience."
— Bradd Busick, CIO, MacDonald-Miller