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Put Every Eye on the Problem
XOi empowers field service companies across North America to do even more business with greener techs and fewer truck rolls.
XOi Customers Typically See A…
1 %

Increase in Completed Service Requests

1 %

Increase in Revenue Per Requests

70 %

Decrease in Second Truck Rolls

"When a field service company invests in new technology, they hope to see a 2-3X multiple on ROI, right? Lee Company is routinely getting 9X from our XOi platform investment."

- Mike Harrell, VP of Facility Services, Lee Company
Capture, Coach, & Collaborate. It’s That Simple!
Each of your technicians already carries an HD camera in their pocket. With XOi, they can now use it to document their job sites, securely and in an orderly fashion. That means better record keeping, fewer customer disputes, and could even lower your insurance costs.
  • Tell techs where to look and what to document with custom Workflows
  • Attach photos, videos, tags, and custom notes to all Jobs
  • Bring customers to the job site virtually by attaching content to their quotes and invoices
  • Add a layer of visibility that builds trust with your customers and allows them to make faster and smarter decisions
  • Save storage space on techs’ phones and keep content centralized across your org with automatic cloud storage
It’s true: at nearly $600 a pop, rolling a second truck will crush your profits. Why not arm your techs with an expansive content portal with training manuals, wiring diagrams, and manufacturer content, in addition to the opportunity of virtual coaching which gives them the support they need to handle every new situation the job throws their way?
  • Educate techs with a cloud-based repository of manuals, wiring diagrams, and videos, and more
  • Access and share specific how-to content with fellow XOi users
  • Allow service managers to push specific materials to techs in the field
  • Retrieve and reference previously captured photos and videos
By 2020, there will be over 30 million unfilled field service jobs. XOi connects rookie techs on the job site with your experienced vets back in the office. Get ready to bridge the talent gap.
  • See what techs see via their phones or tablets
  • Video calling on steroids: zoom the camera during live call, turn on the flash, draw on the screen, and co-browse
  • Allow techs to call each other directly from the XOi app
  • Maintain a queue system to run your own virtual technician support center
  • Forget about operating systems… XOi works across all mobile devices
Some jobs are more than one technician can handle.
 With XOi, you can put all the help they need in the palm of their hand.