Research Brief: Field Services in an Increasingly Impatient World

BUILTWORLDS Research Brief

As mobile devices begin to replace notepads on more job sites worldwide, connecting service technicians with their customers becomes not only possible but imperative to a successful relationship. The systems and equipment entering our homes and buildings are only getting more complex and as such we must be particular about who we choose to service them.

This new research brief from BuiltWorlds provides insights about changing customer expectations and why technology will be the driver for successful adaptation in field service businesses.

It also provides a deeper understanding of the service industry’s current landscape and the information required to make an informed decision when choosing who to trust with your systems and equipment.

Download your complimentary copy to discover how connected technologies will help service businesses:

  • Work with customers instead of for them—by supplying data and insights they need for decision making.
  • Solidify customer loyalty, increase satisfaction, and drive engagement.
  • Improve technician productivity, so you can service more customers without adding headcount.
  • Complete scheduled jobs without rolling extra trucks, because you can support technicians remotely.
  • Utilize your staff more effectively to combat the challenges of an aging workforce and skills gap.