The Problem


There are 5.3 million unfilled “middle skill” jobs today. That number will grow to 31 million by 2020. Without a solution to meet the rising market demand, businesses could miss a huge opportunity to capitalize on the 21% growth projected for the Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) industry.


The skills gap hits hard, from top to bottom. From seasoned senior techs who cannot be everywhere at once to green junior techs who do not have enough calls under their belt. Your team is stretched thin and things fall through the cracks.
You need a tool that will allow you do more with less…now.

5.3 Million "Middle Skill" Unfilled Jobs Today
20% Reduction In Growth In The Next 5 years Due To Skills Gap
The Answer


XOi is solving the skilled trades gap while helping field service companies grow. Here’s how:


Close the Skill Gap

Access the experts now. Train your people quickly and efficiently. XOi enables real-time video and audio communication and content sharing so your techs can get the in-the-moment expert input they need to keep things on track.

Access Training Resources. Build a custom, growing library of media rich training resources that can be accessed anywhere with a data signal and whenever the need arises. With XOi, every time a truck rolls, your techs are equipped with the information they need to get the job done right.

Win Customer Trust

Customer trust is key. Give customers a clear view of the challenges encountered on their job regardless of where they are. Sending a simple link lets them chat real-time, view a recorded video or see photos that will make the issues clear and the decisions easy.

Show them you’re serious. This kind of attention shows you know your stuff and are willing to provide the kind of transparency that lets your customer know you have their best interest in mind.

Leverage the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Grow

XOi’s intelligent technology learns your technician abilities, workflows, call patterns, customer preferences and more. We combine that information with our global learning database to help you maximize work flows, predict work patterns and determine the most efficient allocation of resources possible. It’s a competitive and challenging business. XOi gives you the edge you need to win.

"It is not the hands that make someone in the trades special, it’s what they have between the ears. The difference between a good tech and a great tech is that fork in the road moment, the great tech knows to go right when everyone else goes left. True knowledge is knowing how he knew to go right."

The Optimal Workflow with XOi


An Integrated Solution


Connect field service techs throughout the organization


With XOi, your service technicians are equipped with mobile, tablet, or wearable tech devices that run our applications to communicate with experts, connect with decision-makers, document work performed, and increase overall efficiency. Communication is exchanged and information is delivered and accessed through Vision™, XOi’s integrated cloud-hosted software platform.

Armed with the understanding of your optimal workflow, we will work with you to harness the power of real-time video, audio communication and content sharing to unlock business opportunities and boost revenue.

With XOi we change how you collect and manage equipment and assets.  Allow your technicians and sales personnel to snap a quick picture of a data plate and let our system do the work. We leverage OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION which identifies and tags the Manufacture, Model, and Serial to be searched within the system.
It takes 30 years of work to get 30 years of knowledge. Allow your experienced technicians to share their knowledge with XOi Tech Tip videos. Videos designed to cross-train your seasoned techs, accelerate the growth of your junior techs, and share best and safe practices while in the thick of it.  We leverage NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING for these videos which listens to the words spoken and allows industry specific keywords (even slang!)  to be identified, tagged, and searched.
With XOi, the ability to capture and narrate video in the field provides a direct line from your technician to your sales team, your estimating department or even your customer.  These videos fill in the gaps when it comes to site conditions, labor needed, and time quoted allowing your turnaround time to be faster and more accurate.  
With XOi, we do not underestimate simple when simple drives value.  Allow your technicians to snap a photo of the receipts they receive on a job, this keeps money spent associated to the right call ran, and delivers that receipt at the same time the job is complete.  We leverage XOi Mobile Workflow to not only create a space for receipts to be uploaded but to notify accounting when a job closes with content in that “Receipts Step”.  
It takes years to build a good relationship and only seconds to lose it.  Allow your technicians to be more than just a vendor but a partner in building health and safety by providing a deliverable that is unmatched in the industry.  XOi Intro and Recap videos take your customers inside the call and allow them to understand why they choose you….every single time.  We leverage XOi Mobile Workflow to create a clickable hyperlink for your customer whether you have a Field Service Management platform that integrates with XOi or not.

Create More Efficient Workflows


Empower your team to do better business on every call


Every day, your field service teams encounter situations that could be meaningful to stakeholders inside and outside of your organization.

Our integrated solution connects field technicians with interdepartmental resources, lets them communicate with experts, allows managers to monitor efficiencies, gives customers a tool to make informed decisions, and creates valuable documentation for future reference and training purposes.

We will partner with you first to analyze your workflow and identify opportunities for optimization. Then, we develop a personalized strategy for successful deployment, training, and adoption.

Asset collection and equipment management is critical when it comes to preventative maintenance agreements. As the equipment updates onsite, your records should update in house. Utilize XOi to capture pictures of data plates and nameplates to keep equipment up to date and assure you are servicing what’s paid for, not what’s there. Leverage XOi’s OCR to read and tag that data to assure complete accuracy.
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Be the help without sending the help. Utilize XOi to share real-time video with those who can see and solve from a distance. Pictures tell a very small part of a much bigger story. Leverage XOi video solution on both ends to let your experts see and hear what they need to and keep that second truck from rolling. Leverage XOi’s Live Calling and Mobile Sharing to get the right information, to the right people, at the right time.
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Be a company that sees every moment as a learning moment. Utilize XOi to share knowledge, whether it be creating a series of videos that can teach the company specific processes or it is sharing the practical field knowledge that separates a good tech from a great tech. XOi allows you to capture and scale all your internal knowledge. Leverage XOi’s NLP to tag those videos for seamless find and view action.
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Transform your deliverable by driving change through providing change. Utilize XOi to capture Intro, Recap, and Recommendation videos to share directly with your customers. Allow the XOi platform to give your technicians a digital stage to educate, engage, and empower your customers like never before. Leverage XOi’s FSM integrations and Mobile Workflow to make this deliverable seamless for both your technician create and your customer consume.
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Knowledge Base


Ensuring that the right information is always available at the right time


Every service call is an opportunity to learn, to educate, and to verify. Documentation is critical to your team and your customers. What’s equally important is how that information is accessed. 
The Knowledge Base within Vision™ allows users across your organization to quickly retrieve, reference, and share the information that’s most important. Your technicians and office staff will be more effective and efficient in their processes, and your customers more empowered to make informed and confident decisions that grow your business.
Cloud-based repository provides access to training materials, site and equipment information, and recommendations that can be shared throughout your organization
Access remote technicians and managers for real-time support.
Quickly search entire database with custom content filters
Easily choose and send new content to stakeholders throughout your company: Sales, Training, Compliance, etc.
See a library of related content.

Service Tickets
As your technicians execute the workflow steps you’ve designed for them, a virtual “Service Ticket” is created for each job in Vision. With the Service Ticket section, you’ll find the content, tags and custom notes from the workflow executed at each job site. Service Tickets not only help to index information coming into the system but it can also be used notify people and departments when opportunities like sales and training present themselves.
Online Service Ticket interface for transparency and efficiency.
Access remote technicians and managers for real-time support.
Filter by tags to quickly sort content.
FSM integration auto-populates ticket information.
Create custom tags to categorize information.
Notes field connects techs, sales, management with all ticket information.
View technician notes, video, photos, receipts, insights, etc.
Ready to see what collaborating with XOi is like?
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"XOi helps us share information all around; between our techs, between our office personnel, and to the customer. This helps everyone understand what our technicians face as a challenge each day and we can work on improving overall work efficiency and quality."
— Chris Wisniewski, VP, ICS
"Implementing XOi’s platform gives us a competitive edge within our territory and adds another layer to meet our best in class customer service."
— Marty Rosica, President, Hawks & Company
"Our use of XOi’s technology increases the customer experience and helps us demonstrate the value we bring as a professional organization."
— Jeff Smith, VP of Operations & Service, Brady Services
Questions & Answers
What is the technology and why do I need it?
XOi allows field service companies to optimize the knowledge and capabilities of your existing teams, which in turn allows you to grow, efficiently. Our Vision™ platform makes it easy to consume and share field service media content and transform inefficient, costly business practices in the process.
Who else is doing this? I don’t want to be first with such an innovative platform.
We’re not new to this. We’ve been perfecting our technology for years, achieving industry firsts, and growing our nationwide list of customers. As news of our clients’ success grew, a 2017 ACHR News cover story reported on three prominent customers leveraging this solution. Our homepage contains a list of some trusted customers that you can join.
What does the ROI look like? Where is the real benefit?
Sales growth driven by transparency and timely information, and operational savings driven by real-time support (decreased follow-up calls, increased daily service calls, etc.) and more comprehensive and efficient training….the ROI is real! Hear from a customer in this video at a recent trade show. Case studies in our Resources section also detail the impact on customers' bottom line through our technology.
Enough with the sales pitch. What do real customers say?
In the field service industries, credibility and reputation is everything, and we feel the same way about our own business. It’s important to us that you know what others just like you are experiencing with our technology. Take a look at our homepage customer section or find actual case studies in our Resources section.
I am busy, what is the process to get this piloted and implemented?
The Design page walks you through the on-boarding process.