What to Expect


With XOi, your team will be empowered to make faster, more informed business decisions that provide customers with an experience that is unmatched in your industry.


XOi is committed to partnering with you to provide the advice and resources needed to introduce the Vision™ platform to your team so you can start seeing results — quickly.

When signing up with XOi, all customers will receive the tools and the guidance to:

  • Effectively train new employees
  • Refine and manage your workflow
  • Provide direct support to technicians
  • Manage your teams through KPI in Vision
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Bridge the gap between skilled and unskilled technicians
Here is a roadmap for establishing priorities, speeding adoption and achieving success.


Our initial step is to evaluate and outline your workflow, its outputs, and the key stakeholders in order to derive value from every step in the process.

1. Kickoff Meeting


Bring together key stakeholders from the organization who will own the validation at their level, leadership, direct field management, and technician. The meeting ends after agreeing to the goal of the technology internally and externally, agreeing to the validation plan and process, and agreeing to what recorded metrics equal success.

2. Create, Share, & Record


Our validation approach is simple as it comprises of three equal parts to be successful in execution. We must create content to be able to share content to be able to record feedback. Each stakeholder will own their part, hold one another accountable, and be responsible for producing their end result.

3. Measure & Validate


Compile the results received from the team internally and customers externally. Cross reference those results with the agreed upon metrics for success. To validate on a larger scale, we look at the instances, the content, and the end user consuming the content. We question, are these events common? Does that end user represent a large portion of others in your business?



There are many factors at play when introducing a new technology — and we’ve seen them all. Here are the main things for you should focus on to ensure a successful deployment.
1. Setting an Expectation


We work with you to understand, as an organization, what you want this to do both Internally and externally. Once we have the expectation of long-term success we can then set the daily expectations for the team and begin to message and market appropriately.

2. Creating a Process


It is important to remember that technicians are process people by nature. We work with your team to create a process for this technology, a process that works, a process that integrates with your technicians current workflow in a non-disruptive way. We will make sure that we create a process that explains WHEN to use XOi and WHY.

3. Building the Habit


This technology platform enhances communication and efficiency internally and externally to drive tremendous value. That value is at its greatest when the habit is in place. We work with your team to create the use of XOi as a habit by highlighting the value of this as a tool to make their job easier.

4. Framing the Message


As your team sets out to transform the current deliverable we need to be mindful of the message that is being delivered, it needs to be: Easy to access, understand, and consume. We will work with your team and your technicians to assure that the message you want is being delivered and that it creates a consistency of service, no matter the technician, no matter the call.

"XOi approached our deployment as if it was theirs, with a designed plan, a manageable process, and an approach from day one that made sense for our teams and our business."
— Richard Perko, CEO, Lee Company
"Aligning with our vision for growing the company, XOi’s technology is key to building great training moments from anywhere, showing a live feed from customer sites, and allowing our team to share best practices in real-time."
— Marty Rosica, President, Hawks & Company
"XOi’s technology has allowed our clients the ability to see and understand what is going on with their mechanical systems without stepping foot on the roof or in the mechanical room. We are continually finding benefits for our clients and the company as we utilize the technology."
— Richard Bodwell, CEO and President, ISS Mechanical
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