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Trusted by field service companies across America.

Why Do Our Customers Love Vision™?

Video Testimonials

Lee Company

Lee Company, located in Nashville, TN, has been using XOi Vision™ for over 2 years now.  Steve Scott, Sr. VP of Lee Co., and Mike Harrell, VP of Facility Services, sat down to share their success stories and how Vision™ has changed the way they do business this video. In particular, how it has enabled them stay ahead of changing customer expectations and the skilled trades gap. Lee Co. uses Vision™ with their Field Service Management (FSM), FieldConnect.

  • “It has raised the bar and differentiated us in this industry.” — Steve Scott
  • “The return on investment has actually been very surprising. It has changed how we do everything.” — Mike Harrell

In this video, you can see a real life example of how a MacDonald-Miller technician is using Vision™ with their Field Service Management (FSM) software, KEY2ACT MobileTech. You will also hear from their CEO, CIO, and Service Operations Manager as they discuss the impact that Vision™ has had on their customer experience, technician training, and the opportunities they envision when partnering with XOi.

Case Studies

Overcome Top Industry Challenges with XOi Vision™
One Case Study, Three Pain Points

This case study features three leading field service leaders that leveraged XOi’s Vision™ platform to overcome these top three industry challenges: increasing competition, customer distrust, and the skilled trades gap. How, you ask? Through the innovative use of wearable technology and mobile devices, cloud streaming, video and photo, and machine learning. Download the case study to see how three companies (Arista, MacDonald-Miller and Lee Company),  are using Vision™ to drive growth and engage their customers.

Download the Case Study!
Arista Air Conditioning
Learn how evidence can help you choose between local HVAC contractors

When it comes to maintaining, fixing or replacing HVAC equipment, you’re at the mercy of the vendor. When you’re dealing with someone new, how do you know if you can trust what they’re telling you? It’s tough to tell based on professional websites, personable sales reps and glowing references.

The good news is, now you don’t need to rely so much on trust, because there is video technology that can show you exactly what your HVAC tech is doing. Find out how industry leading HVAC companies are using this ground-breaking technology to provide:

  • proof of service
  • faster repairs
  • damage prevention
  • better communication
  • help with replacement decisions

Don’t miss out on this informative guide that reveals how you can get better quality service from local HVAC contractors. Get your free copy now!