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Why Are You Giving Your Salespeople a .22 to Take Down a Rhino in the Summer?

Three Ways XOi Helps You Increase The Odds

When it comes to winning business, it’s usually three bids on the table and only one firm wins.  Are you taking the job home? If you answered yes before the sentence finished…..are you really sure? If it is 4 bids, are you still winning?  

The real question is: How can you increase your odds?  

Your salespeople close the most business during the summer—this is their playoffs. Knowing this is the most important season of their year, are you ready to give them the tools they need to set themselves apart and win?  

Stop giving customers an “apples to apples” comparison. XOi can help you throw a watermelon on the table!

Sales is About Information: You Have It. They Want It. So Share It.

People do not buy what they don’t know. And most of your customers don’t know the intricacies of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing…at least not without your help. When your customer thinks a TXV is the new Mazda SUV, you have more to overcome than the simple transfer of information. You have to bridge a huge knowledge gap and that takes more than scanning a proposal.

Selling field service with a paper proposal is like asking your sales person to shoot a rhino with a .22. Why not arm them with the ability to use visual communication as a powerful sales tool?

Bridge the knowledge gap by having technicians and sales people create videos for each customer using these tips:

  • DON’T talk about the scope of the work
  • DON’T talk about where you have to source the parts
  • DO take time and walk through what happened.
  • DO explain why you think it happened.
  • DO describe what the repair or replacement will fix.

Show Them You Are Different

Telling a customer something is one thing, showing a customer is completely different. Using XOi, your team has the ability to do that. Every. Single. Time.

You have to show customers why and how you are different. Creating videos is only half of this process. Your sales people need to include these videos on every proposal. Customers should be able to read the line items, see the price, and then watch a carefully crafted video showing the problem and explaining how your solution will solve it. This sets your company apart.

You Sold a Solution and a Dream. Now Deliver the Proof.

The problem your customers have with buying things they do not truly understand is they constantly wonder if they made the right decision. Promise to show customers the reality when you ask them to buy the dream.  

Here’s a good way to explain the XOi Vision™ workflow process to your customers:

  • Our team has a cadence of communication that puts you at ease with every step of the process.  
  • Just as you were provided a video explaining the why behind the problem, you will also receive videos with every milestone of your project.  
  • This level of transparency is the way we do business and take care of our customers.  
  • The final video you receive will be a tutorial of all parts installed and it will demonstrate that the unit, part, or system is in proper working order.  
  • These videos are for your records and part of the transparency we provide on every call, whether it’s an install, repair, replacement, or standard service call.

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a demo and let us show you how your sales team can take a different approach this summer.  Happy hunting.


Schedule a demo and let us show you how your sales team can take a different approach.