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XOi Technologies Hires Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer


Nashville, Tenn: XOi Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of two executives to its product leadership team. Ben Henderson has joined the company as Chief Product Officer, and Adam Jaggers is the Chief Technology Officer. By adopting two distinct roles, XOi Technologies demonstrates commitment to customers and focus on meeting the user expectations of blue collar workers in skilled trades.

“Keeping the customer in mind is a full-time job and so is technology,” said Jaggers. “If only one person is in the role, more often than not, the bias is toward technology. That can lead to decisions based on what can be built instead of what should be built.”

“Focus on user perspectives makes the CPO one of the most important roles in the organization. As CTO, my job is to make sure we adopt the most efficient means to meet those user expectations. Ben’s role is ‘what’ and my role is ‘how’,” said Jaggers.

Before joining XOi, Adam Jaggers served as the head of global services at Digital Reasoning, leading a team of engineers and data scientists to implement a cognitive computing platform for natural language processing and machine learning for the world’s largest financial and healthcare institutions. Earlier, he had served the U.S. Army as a Battery Commander and a Foreign Military Combat Advisor in Afghanistan. He joined XOi because he wanted to help the blue collar workforce.

“Skilled tradespeople are an extremely valuable part of the economy,” Jaggers said. “Most tech companies start with technology and look for a problem it can solve. XOi started with an important problem for underserved users and used technology to solve it for them. I’m excited to be serving users that heretofore were vastly underserved by technology.”

Ben Henderson is a technical product leader who cherishes opportunities to empower users. Henderson is no stranger to entrepreneurship—exiting two businesses after successful acquisitions. He was one of the founders of start-up, Firefly, and led its development team until it was acquired by LeanKit. Then he served as LeanKit’s Director of Product Management until that company was acquired the following year. Henderson also serves as a mentor at Nashville Software School. Because his career spans both software development and product management, he is adept at translating user desires into technology requirements.

“I am the customers’ advocate. My chief task is to make sure we’re building the right product for our customers. The market has been so receptive to XOi Vision™ and its core functionality and features. I’m looking forward to making Vision™ even stronger and improving the experience so technicians don’t even have to think about how to use it,” said Henderson.

About XOi Technologies: XOi’s Vision™ platform uses workflow automation, NLP, computer vision, and machine learning to streamline documentation of service calls, facilitate real time remote support, intelligently archive and resurface service content, and improve customer transparency from the frontlines of field service. We empower our field service customers to effectively put their best tech on every site, which speeds resolution of issues, reduces cost and increases sell- through of recommended maintenance and upgrades. XOi customers typically see a 35% increase in tickets closed per technician, a 24% increase in the revenue value per ticket, and a significant reduction in expensive second truck rolls. www.xoi.io

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