Written By:
Ashli Ellison

XOi Experiences Rapid Growth in Customer Acquisition

NASHVILLE, Tenn.Feb. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — XOi Technologies, a Nashville-based technology startup focused on developing solutions for the skilled trades industries, reports rapid growth over the past year, thanks to an expanded management team, new strategic initiatives, and acquisition of additional key customer accounts. XOi is also excited to announce new features in the XOi Vision™ platform, a cloud solution for field service.

In the past 12 months, XOi has increased its customer base five-fold. The company expanded its presence in Canada and acquired key customer accounts, including two Fortune 500 OEMs in the mechanical industry.

“After having been underserved by software for decades, the blue-collar trades are ready for technological transformation,” said CEO Aaron Salow. “With our future-ready cloud solution and a seasoned executive team, XOi has the right people delivering the right solution at the right time for this industry.”

New Features Help Customers Capture Content, Coach and Collaborate with Vision

XOi looks forward to releasing new features of the Vision™ app in the coming weeks. These features will deliver significant improvements to workflow functionality that will help service teams capture and consume content, coach greener techs and collaborate together more effectively in the field. New features include:

  • Workflows, which form the foundation of service-related processes, allowing technicians to capture, organize and document their jobs so that customers, the back office and the sales team know exactly what was done.
  • Shared Knowledge Base, which allows technicians to quickly search over 30,000 digital manuals, wiring diagrams and rich video content from the top manufacturers. Technicians can access resources easily on the job site when they need them most.
  • Vision Assist, which enables technicians to use video calling and augmented reality tools to describe problems in the field, so they can receive real-time solutions from the office or senior technicians. This allows service companies to put their best tech on every site, regardless of physical location.

“Supporting techs in the field has always been a priority for XOi. The new Vision™ platform puts relevant, actionable information in their hands,” said Ben Henderson, XOi’s Chief Product Officer. “We’ve expanded our library of over 30,000 MEP digital assets to save time and frustration over searching the web for answers. Enhanced video conferencing capabilities, designed specifically for the field, enable real-time support from fellow techs, and make it possible for our customers to operate Virtual Support Centers staffed by MEP veterans.”

About XOi Technologies: Vision™ by XOi Technologies is a cloud-based mobile application that empowers field service companies to do more business with greener techs and fewer truck rolls. Without overhauling existing processes, technicians can easily capture visual documentation of every job, create and share how-to content with colleagues, and get the right eyes on any/every job with remote video support. The results include increased win rates, higher revenue value per quote, and happier customers. www.xoi.io

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