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XOEye Technologies and Plugfones Partner to Deliver Wearable Ear Technology Solutions to Industrial Markets

OSHA Certified Earplugs and Earbuds, Protects Hearing From Loud Manufacturing Noise, Facilitates Two-Way Audio During Support Calls and Training, Smart Glasses Integration and Safety Compliance for Field Service and Factory Workers


XOEye Technologies, a leading enterprise wearables solutions company that is reshaping industrial business processes and data capture today announced a partnership with Plugfones, a supplier of OSHA compliant noise limitation and ear protection earplugs and earbuds. Plugfones is providing XOEye its low-profile wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Liberate Contractor Plugfones for occupational noise exposure and smart glasses communications for field services and industrial facilities customers. Their first deployment is with Lee Company, a $150 million comprehensive residential and commercial heating, cooling, appliance and facilities solutions company.

The overall safety and wellbeing of a worker is critical to the success of any job site. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), noise, or unwanted sound, is one of the most pervasive occupational health problems and is a by-product of many industrial processes. Exposure to high levels of noise causes hearing loss and may cause other harmful health effects as well.

Plugfones' Liberate Contractor Plugfones were designed under the direction of OSHA's max volume guidelines. Liberate Contractor is ergonomic, features volume limiting technology that keeps speaker volume below 82dB and below and within OSHA's volume standards. Plugfones' Liberate Contractor has an in-line noise canceling microphone that allows users to have a conversation in loud environments, plus a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) rating of 25. Plugfones low profile form factor allows workers to easily connect to calls without having to remove their earplugs and exposing their ears to harmful ambient noise. Liberate Contractor interfaces with Android devices enabling XOEye's implementation with Vuzix' M100 Smart Glasses. Workers can now receive two-way audio coming from and going to their M100 Smart Glasses on the job during support calls and training while being safety compliant.

"The first thing I was asked when I walked into a manufacturing facility at a young age was 'Where are your eyes and ears?'" said XOEye Technologies CEO, Aaron Salow. "They are the most fundamental safety requirement in any industrial setting. Plugfones is rounding out our solutions set with their safety earplugs and earbuds for workers to more effectively and reliably complete their jobs and work orders at a safe level and receive two-way audio from their smart glasses. With Liberate Contractor and our Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses, we are providing a more convenient means of communication with the best-in-class eyes and ears wearable solutions for industrial enterprises."

"Our partnership with XOEye underscores the importance of hearing and communications safety on the factory floor and will no doubt increase earplug implementations across the factories of the United States and with early adopter companies like Lee Company," said Shaun Knudsen, Founder of Plugfones. "We are excited to support this partnership and are ready to provide our new Liberate Contractor Plugfones to our joint construction and manufacturing customers."

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