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XOi Technologies

Webinar: Visual Intelligence in Field Service Management


The biggest challenges field service organizations face today are the skilled trades gap (there are not enough new technicians to fill the shoes of retiring ones) and the growing need for more transparency with customers (thanks a lot, Amazon!)

Field Service Management (FSM) technology coupled with a visual intelligence platform empowers you to share critical data in real-time with both field technicians and customers, so that customers get the transparency they want and each tech can now be equally as qualified as your best technicians.

We recently joined Astea and President of The BP GroupJohn Fanneron, for a webinar titled: Visual Intelligence in FSM = Customer Trust & Field Technician Efficiency.”

During the webinar, we covered:

  • How the Astea field service management software and XOi Technologies visual intelligence integration works
  • How Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies instantly catalogue and share knowledge that technicians capture in the field
  • A Live Case Study: The BP Group takes a holistic approach to solving the technician resource gap, differentiation and boosting customer transparency and trust


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