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The Impact of Innovation

An Interview with Steve Scott, Vice President of Facilities Solutions, Lee Company


Steve Scott, VP of Facilities Solutions at Lee Company, has been with the organization for over 18 years. Throughout that time, Scott’s favorite part of his job has been helping people maximize their potential.

“I have been in the service industry my entire career,” Scott said. “I enjoy the opportunity to invest in our people and grow leaders and I enjoy serving our customers by providing them with solutions that make their businesses prosper.”

This quality lends itself well to a position that requires innovation and improvement on a daily basis.  Though his job is demanding, Scott says that constant challenges are what motivate him to succeed.

“In my role, I’m motivated by the challenges of growing our business,” Scott said. “Expanding our portfolio of services and our geographical service footprint, integrating technology into the way service is done in our industry, and growing capable leaders are all challenges that keep me engaged with the opportunities that my job presents.”

In addition to his executive duties, Scott runs the Commercial Service division of Lee Company. He is directly responsible for all sales and operations of each of the seven business units that make up Lee Company’s Facilities Solutions division.

“I work to develop and integrate technologies that will bring efficiencies to the way we operate internally, deliver service in a way that continues to differentiate us in a positive way to the customer, develop our people, and combat the skilled labor shortage,” Scott said.

As VP of Operations, Scott’s main priorities revolve around operating a profitable $30 million commercial service group at a roughly 15% annual growth rate—and to find and implement the technology that will help him achieve these goals. It was these responsibilities that led Scott to XOEye.

“I have been involved with XOEye from the very start. I led our efforts of evaluating the technology and its application in our industry,” Scott said. “From the evaluation of ROI and the pilot program to the redevelopment of workflows and change management, I have worked closely with the XOEye team to see this technology implemented at Lee Company.”

In order to determine whether they should adopt XOEye’s technology, Lee Company’s management looked at many different criteria.

“There were several questions we considered,” Scott said. “Can it make us more efficient at what we do? Can it enable us to do more with less? Will it give us the ability to deliver decision-making information to our customers? Can it be part of preparing us for the skilled labor shortage?”

For Lee Company, the decision was clear. In the time since implementing XOEye’s solution, Lee Company has already seen tangible results that address many of the questions they considered in the decision-making process.

“Right off the bat, XOEye has allowed us the opportunity to provide our technicians in the field with real time, experienced technical support while onsite,” Scott said.

Along with the introduction of real-time assistance for team members on the field, XOEye’s solution is improving Lee Company’s customer relations.

“This technology has given us the ability to let the customer to see what we see,” Scott said. “Video narratives attached to service reports with recommendations for repairs allows our customers better information while making decisions regarding their facility and equipment.”

Since implementing XOEye solutions, says Scott, Lee Company has experienced less down time for their customers and an increase in new business sales. Ultimately, XOEye’s technology solutions have allowed Scott to help improve Lee Company’s profitability and maximize its bottom line.

“Internal workflow efficiencies, field support efficiencies and increased sales from both new and existing clients have helped improve both top and bottom lines,” Scott said.

For Scott, the quantifiable results of implementing XOEye’s solution clearly demonstrate the positive impact this technology has had on the company.

“The technology brings us tremendous value as we continue to work to lead our industry, leverage our technology to gain new business and bring greater value to our existing customers,” Scott said.

Additionally, support from the XOEye team in developing workflows, providing training, providing field support and their understanding of the HVAC service industry has been incredibly valuable to Lee Company as they integrate the new technology.

“Investing in technology that will allow our organization to stay on the leading edge positively impacts our employees’ morale as well as our level of trust with our customers,” Scott said.

Scott anticipates an increase in the number of calls that each tech can accomplish in a single day as result of real-time support through the triage center that will be part of INSIGHT, Lee Company’s technology-driven service platform. Scott and his team will also be looking at other measurable feedback to track the continued success of XOEye’s solution.

“We expect an increase in client satisfaction as a result of better information to our customers, as well as an increase in new business due to our differentiating technologies, like XOEye’s wearables.”

After witnessing the results at Lee Company, Scott says he would absolutely recommend this solution to others as a way to run a more effective and efficient business.

“I believe the consumer expects that the service provider will continue to evolve as technology evolves,” Scott said. “They use technology in all other areas of their lives to make their life easier. They are looking for—and will pay to get—those same efficiencies in the workplace.”

Lee Company prioritizes innovation, so their staff has experience in the integration of new technologies, adopting to XOEye’s technology was a natural progression.

“Change is never easy until people understand the benefits,” Scott said. “As we continue to see the benefits of XOEye within our business, I expect morale to be higher than ever before because out growth goals will be more attainable.”

As a leader in the company, Scott receives frequent feedback from the staff about their experience using XOEye’s technology.

“I’ve gotten great feedback regarding the ability to assist a technician in the field and get him on to the next call quicker, which allows them to get to more calls each day,” Scott said. “We are also seeing more sales decisions being made because of the technology and the insight that it provides.”

Additionally, Scott and his staff are optimistic about the technology’s ability to offset the technical skilled labor shortage with the use of telepresence and triage assistance.

With the full deployment of XOEye wearables into Lee Company’s commercial service group already underway, Scott says that their next step will be integrating the wearables into the residential service operations and construction operations.

“Long term, technology such as XOEye will enable Lee Company to operate efficiently, continue to differentiate ourselves by providing increased value to our customers, and to grow our business with technology that allows us to perform more service to more customers—in spite of the drastically declining skilled labor availability.”