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Technician Spotlight: Jomi Holt


Technician: Jomi Holt | HVAC Service & Repair | Lee Company | 20 Years

What brought you into the industry?

I enjoyed learning to fix things. HVAC gave me an opportunity to learn about electricity, refrigeration, plumbing, IT and how to serve others.

What was the first thing you learned on your first day?

That you need to be willing to do anything to help your customers. My first job was for a small mom and pop shop and when service calls were slow they would deliver ice to local gas stations. My first day involved bagging and then delivering about 500 bags of it.

Over your years, what is the most important lesson you have learned?

Humility. Fixing anything mechanical is challenging and the key to success in my experience is staying calm and not giving up when your efforts seem to be unproductive. No one knows everything and everyone needs assistance now and then. Being humble makes that process a lot smoother.

What advice would you give to a kid just starting out in the industry?

Recognize that you have an opportunity unlike many of the tradesman that have come before you. There is an unlimited supply of knowledge and how-to training videos, well-written and engaging books and hands on training programs available to young people these days. Not only that but there is a social media community of brothers and sisters in the trades who want to discuss their jobs on almost every platform. It truly is a fantastic time to get into a trade.

Why do you love the trades?

Being a tradesman is something I am proud of. Having the ability to bring broken things back to life and restore someone’s life or business to normal is great. Keeping things running smoothly by applying experience and ingenuity in pursuit of planned & predictive operation is even better. It’s like a keeping a puzzle together made of pieces that continue to change shape. To those like myself it is a career worth pouring yourself into.


Keep things running smoothly by applying experience and ingenuity in pursuit of planned and predictive operation.