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TDIndustries Invests in XOi to Address Changing Expectations of Field Service Customers


XOi Technologies is proud to announce that TDIndustries, one of the Southwest’s top mechanical construction and facilities services providers and ACCA Member, invested in XOi Vision™ to improve service excellence and the customer experience. Using any mobile device, Vision™ empowers field service technicians to delight customers using video and photo content powered by machine learning to solve problems faster and communicate more effectively.

TDIndustries provides mechanical solutions for large-scale and specialty construction. After new construction is completed, the TDIndustries services and maintains what they built with a workforce of approximately 2,300 partners, including site-based facilities managers and technicians running more than 350 trucks that respond to critical field service needs.

It’s a universal truth that showing is more effective than telling. Over 400 partners at TDIndustries will now use the Vision™ app on their smartphones to enhance transparency and build customer trust.

“When customers compare us with other providers, the added value of XOi’s Vision™ will help differentiate our service offering,” explained Scott Burrows, a 36-year veteran of the mechanical service industry and Senior Vice President at TDIndustries. “We believe video and streaming communication with customers will become standard in our industry. We see Vision™ as an opportunity to adopt technology early and enhance our customer experience now.”

XOi Vision™ Improves Productivity & Accountability in Four Important Ways

TDIndustries is 100% partner-owned, so when it comes to choosing new technology, partners approach decisions with an owner’s mindset. The company selected Vision™ because it will help them:

  1. Establish more trusting, transparent relationships with customers,
  2. Collect more accurate data and share it easily with customers for better decision making, and
  3. Improve the quality and efficiency of every technician at every worksite.

Vision™ helps technicians work more quickly and effectively by substituting the communicative power of photos and videos for time-consuming, lengthy written descriptions in customer proposals and service documentation.

“Writing doesn’t always transfer urgency. When you can provide customers with pictures or video of what needs repair, you show the urgency with the proposal,” Burrows explained.

Spending less time on documentation enables field service partners to spend more time servicing assets and improving customer relationships. One of TDIndustries’ core values is building trusting relationships—both internally and externally with customers.

Trust is one of the key things that you must have in order to sustain and grow a business. Vision™ make us more and more transparent to our customers and that builds trust,” said Burrows.

Handwritten work orders can be difficult to read and translate to an invoice. When customers need a report about the condition and costs associated with a fixed asset, it could take days to assemble the paper trail. With Vision™, reporting takes seconds with a quick search of an asset’s serial number.

“One of the coolest things about Vision™ is that you can take a picture of an asset tag and it will accurately transcribe the manufacturer, model, and serial number into the system. As we collect more and more data, we will be able to search individual customer history data easily and better improve their planning and maintenance process,” said Burrows.

Burrows is excited about the future of XOi because the data and content being captured by Vision™ can be curated to allow the company to put the best tech on every site, by harnessing the collective wisdom and experience of the entire organization, across all locations. Our technicians can even use Vision™ to collaborate visually, in real-time, with other technicians for a more efficient solution to a complicated issue. TD’s technicians will be able to access a trove of customer service history, photos and video content, and recommended repair processes. This library of information coupled with the video documentation, will ensure greater customer communication, solid documentation, and increased training and engagement.  

Technology Differentiates the Leaders of the Field Service Industry

When customers receive proposals, documentation, and other communications created through Vision™, the impact is immediate. Seeing is believing. That is the kind of differentiation that TDIndustries expects to achieve with new technology.

“We’re looking strategically at how to find great technology and get in front of it. For us, Vision™ represents a true leading edge,” Burrows said. “The number one thing that sets XOi apart from other vendors is they are very willing to listen and look for ways to add value. They maintain flexibility inside the Vision™ platform and demonstrate the willingness to consistently evolve it in the future.”

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