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XOi Technologies

MacDonald-Miller Embraces New Technology

Location:  Washington & Oregon (10 locations)
Website:  www.macmiller.com 
Industry:  Mechanical Contractor
Size:  1000+ employees
Deployment: Summer, 2016

XOi MacDonald-Miller Case Study
Video: KEY2ACT, XOEye, MacDonald-Miller


Mechanical contractor, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, Inc., launched their wearable technology platform to enhance customer support in the Pacific Northwest.

KEY2ACT, XOEye and MacDonald-Miller from KEY2ACT on Vimeo.
The MacLens eyewear, an industrial grade wearable computing device powered by XOEye Technologies, captures and streams high fidelity audio and visual content, enabling first-person point-of-view (POV).

“While there are incredible operational efficiencies that enable mobility and collaboration for MacDonald-Miller’s staff through telepresence and increased accountability, the real benefit of this technology is that our customers can now witness firsthand the current state of their building through a multi-media experience,” said Bradd Busick, MacDonald-Miller’s CIO. “The old adage, ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’ rings true as MacLens is a cutting edge technology that embeds audio and video into each and every call summary report. This provides our customers with the peace of mind that comes with unbridled transparency.”

The smart glasses have a range of cutting-edge applications developed by XOEye specifically for field service technicians. These include taking photos of the worksite when arriving and leaving, coordinating a video conference with more senior technicians when they have a question (“see what I see”), taking training videos from first person point of view, and demonstrating to customers’ problems the technician may be seeing.