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KEY2ACT + XOi = the Synergy of Field Service and Video

Coming to you live from the KEY2ACT Synergy Conference…

While the rest of the country is still trying to shake off winter (what is up with snow in April?!), our team is spending this week in sunny Orlando at the KEY2ACT Synergy Conference. Users are here to learn how to get more out their field service software through classes, hands-on training, and networking.

We’ve worked with KEY2ACT to integrate XOi Vision™ platform to power See, a module within their MobileTech solution. And we’re excited to show you how this powerful integration will give your organization more of what your customers want.

Your customers are looking for “more” and See provides it

Let’s be honest—today’s new customers are quite a bit different than those we’ve dealt with in the past. Most of us built our businesses on repeat business from loyal, local customers.

Now many property managers work in regional offices and may never meet our service techs in person. New customers don’t have existing loyalties and competing solely on price is a race to the bottom.

How can a field service team set itself apart?

In a word: More. Give customers access to more visibility on their service calls, delivering a more consistent service experience.

What this integration delivers to MobileTech users

Combining photo and video capabilities with your field service management solution lets you up the ante in several areas that are key to customer satisfaction:

  • Customer engagement— With the photo and video capabilities of Vision™ integrated into See, you can show your customers exactly what needs to be repaired and what a great repair looks like. Seeing is believing. Video provides more information to your customers than your competitors could.
  • Static training—Use real-world video and photo examples to keep your techs’ skills at the top of the industry. When techs easily capture video and photo evidence at each service call, it becomes easy for service managers to create valuable training opportunities more often.
  • Live collaboration—As many senior techs approach retirement, it’s crucial to find innovative ways to transfer their valuable knowledge to younger techs. Sharing real-time video allows more experienced techs to walk newer techs through a repair, without having to roll a second truck.

“They said, ‘No one’s doing this. We said, ‘Yeah, we know.’”

Within 90 days of deploying “See”, Seattle-based MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions (KEY2ACT customer) landed a huge national account based in part on the company’s use of video technology.

With more than 1,000 employees, including 100 service technicians, MacDonald Miller is already a leader in the Pacific Northwest. But like every leader, MacDonald Miller is continuously challenged to stay ahead of the competition.

Company leaders took a hard look at their technology and determined investment in mobility and collaboration was needed in order to drive continued success and growth. MacDonald Miller implemented See and experienced immediate benefits, including:

  • Stronger competitive advantage
  • Improved customer experience
  • Better customer clarity around billing
  • Interest in the technology from prospective customers.

Read the case study.

Leading the way in the most competitive markets

Arista Air Conditioning Corporation (KEY2ACT customer) is the most trusted heating, cooling and refrigeration provider in the New York City metro area. The company serves more than 3,000 commercial and luxury residential customers with hundreds of highly-trained field service technicians, 100 trucks and the latest technology.

In New York, competition among HVAC providers is intense. Commercial and residential customers have often suffered through shoddy work and unresponsive customer service with other HVAC companies. These customers don’t trust a new service provider easily. As a result, Arista Air Conditioning wanted to do everything in its power to create deeper, more trusting relationships with its customers.

The company supplied technicians with wearable video technology using the XOi Vision™ platform. Technicians wear smartglasses and generate photo and video documentation of every service call for Arista’s customers.

Evidence-based video collection elevates the customer service experience to an unparalleled level by enhancing communication, optimizing record-keeping, and providing technicians with easy, immediate access to the collective experience of the company’s technicians.

“We think giving our employees the ability to instantly tap into the collective wisdom of technicians, who jointly have thousands of years of experience, is an invaluable resource.”

-Michael Rosone, Vice President of Service Sales, Arista Air Conditioning

Read the case study.

Ready to optimize your workforce? 

Contact us to learn more about our See integration and the KEY2ACT/XOi 30-day pilot where you can see for yourself just how seamless the integration is. Want to schedule a live demo to see how the KEY2ACT integrations works? Click here and fill out the demo form.



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