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Jobsites and Labor Risk: Where Tech Can Help Today

A Builder Online Article


A shortage of skilled construction labor plays out in lots of a ways, ranging from extra "windshield time," to lumpy, unpredictable costs, to missed schedules and delayed deliveries, ranging to greater warranty liability, where a dollar-an-hour mistake can turn into tens of thousands of dollars of repair expense.

Jetsons-like robots, 3D printers, and drones may be part of construction technology's future, but there is technology out now that could play an important present-day role in job-site management that assumes more junior, less skilled, in-need-of-training-on-the-job construction associates, installers, technicians, etc.

Even more experienced laborers who may need a refresh or training and quality assurance on new code, a new assembly, or an unfamiliar new manufactured product or material installation could find value in construction technologies that take the physical environment, transform it to visual content, and feed it back to the worker on site in clear, instructive, real-time guidance.


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