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If You’re Not a Tech, You Wouldn’t Understand

Spotlight on XOi Customer Success Manager, Dustin Young

At XOi Technologies, we believe that to truly serve an industry well, you need to have skin in the game. We create essential roles within our company for skilled trades professionals with real-world field experience.

If you’ve never experienced the challenges of being in the field, responsible for both delighting customers and solving difficult mechanical problems, it is hard to grasp all of the hats a technician must wear in a single work day.

Dustin Young understands exactly how much value good techs bring to their company. He’s our new Customer Success Manager and has walked many miles in a technician’s work boots.

“If you’ve never done it before, it’s difficult to communicate with technicians that do it every day,” Dustin acknowledges. “I believe in XOi…I have used it in the field and I know what it can do. It helped me provide immediate information to my customer. This ease in sharing saved me SO much time typing detailed reports or providing long winded explanations to the customer. The Vision™ platform allowed me to finish my calls quicker, make more on-site repairs, and get home earlier to the most important thing, my family.”

An Experienced Voice on the Team, with Deep Industry Knowledge

Before joining XOi, Dustin spent 20 years working in Commercial/ Residential Construction and MEP trades as a Superintendent, an Engineer, and a Technician. Dustin earned both a Bachelor of Science from MTSU and an Associate degree focused in Mechanical Engineering Related Technologies – HVAC/R, Plumbing, Electrical and Green Technology from the Tennessee College of Applied Technology.  He’s worked as a Facilities/Building Engineer for Marriott, Hilton, and The City of Franklin. The last 6 years have been solely focused in HVAC as a Technician for both Hiller and Lee Company.

At Lee, Dustin first experienced XOi Vision™. His first impression? “Camera glasses are really cool!”

But beyond awesome camera glasses, as Dustin got more comfortable using Vision™, he understood the power of the platform to strengthen customer relationships. “We technicians face a lack of trust because most customers have dealt with some less-than-scrupulous service people in the past. When I started showing homeowners photos and videos from inside their equipment or under their homes of things they had never seen before, the transparency eliminated their bias and mistrust,” he recalled.

Making Technicians’ Jobs Easier with Vision™

While working for Lee, Dustin sustained an off-the-job back injury that ended his career as a Service Technician. Nearly a year after his surgery, he was presented with the opportunity to come to XOi and help our designers shape the future of Vision™, and he didn’t hesitate. “I thought what better way to make a great product even better than by helping the people who are using it? I feel truly blessed,” he said.

He spends most of his time focusing on strategy and implementation to ensure that customers will be successful. His goal is to help both managers and technicians understand why they are using Vision™ and where its potential lies, so they can achieve desired results right away. In his words, “We train our customers and their technicians to a process which leads the company down the path toward achieving their goals.”

“I help the management team train technicians properly by giving techs the right things to say and the right tools to use. Currently, I am creating scripts for management teams to sit down with technicians, training them what to say, when to record a video, and what should be included in the video in order to earn customer trust, therefore winning business.”

“Vision™ is about saving time, saving money, and making the business more profitable. You’re going to spend less time and money on callbacks,” he shared. “It helps companies become better overall—internally through training or sharing and externally towards the customer. It makes transparency 100% better.”

See it for yourself.

Request a demo to see how Vision™ can save you time, money and make you more profitable.


Request a demo to see how Vision™ can save you time, money and make you more profitable.