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How Small Service Contractors Beat Big Business

Hollmeyer HVAC Gains Competitive Edge for Small Business

As any small business owner can attest, it can be challenging to get technology systems in place quickly when starting a new business. And too often, it’s impossible to afford the kind of solutions that biggest field service contractors use, leaving a new business struggling to compete.

When Chad Hollmeyer started his new service business, Hollmeyer HVAC, there were two technology solutions he knew he wanted to adopt as soon as possible—digital invoicing and XOi Vision™.

“Customers Couldn’t Get Enough…”

Before starting his business, Hollmeyer spent 20 years in the trade, and a service and construction foreman for 10 of those. He had used XOi and personally witnessed the positive impression it made with customers. By helping technicians increase transparency, customer satisfaction dramatically improved.

“XOi Vision™ was a game changer. Customers couldn’t get enough of it,” he recalled. “When we had repairs that were waiting for customer approval, if we showed them a video through XOi’s platform, we could get a signature on the spot. It separated us from all of our competition.”

Other benefits Hollmeyer noticed included having a visual record of an asset’s condition when warranty questions came up, having better accountability between technicians and customers, and the platform’s easy learning curve.

Now that he’s on his own, Hollmeyer is eager to put these benefits to work for his new business, and the Small Business Package is a perfect match for his needs.

The Photo and Video App Every Contractor Needs to Compete

Hollmeyer is glad he can support his business processes right from the start. He believes visual communication with prospective customers will allow him to beat out bigger field services firms for new opportunities.

“XOi Vision™ sells work,” he said. “Most customers don’t have time to go up on the roof and look at their HVAC. That’s what they’re paying us to do. Anytime a technician can show them the problems and the resolution, they can really know they got what they paid for.”

Introducing Our Small Business Package

Did you know that 52% of all service companies have manual paperwork and manual business processes? We believe that starting a small business shouldn’t mean you have to use small technology.

With mobile technology and the Internet of Things, every business has access to really exciting, efficient solutions. That’s why we’ve created the Small Business Package.

“We started this company to help hard-working, blue-collar technicians in all types of skilled trades,” said Aaron Salow, CEO of XOi Technologies, “And you won’t find anybody working harder than the owner and techs at a new, small service business. We wanted to offer them the same benefits that we deliver to the largest field service organizations in the industry, at the right price point and scalability for a smaller, growing business.”

The Small Business Package is available to:

  • Small service contractors in North America, with up to 10 technicians
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing trades
  • Commercial, Residential, and/or Industrial focus

Features include:

  • Unlimited access
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • No Field Service Management (FSM) solution required
  • Planning meeting with XOi and a tailored implementation plan
  • Training for you technicians on how to use Vision™
  • Regularly scheduled check-ins with our Customer Success Team to monitor and ensure your success

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