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From XOEye to XOi

Perhaps you are wondering if the company you may formerly know as “XOEye Technologies” is the same as XOi Technologies. They are, let us to explain why we’ve changed our name.

When we chose the name XOEye years ago, it attempted to convey an allusion to the exoskeleton (“a rigid external covering for the body in some invertebrate animals, especially arthropods, providing both support and protection”) and the “eye”ball which clearly pointed towards wearable head mounted devices (smart glass) solutions.

We often found ourselves in longer than necessary conversations explaining that approach, and even correcting pronunciations far too often to new customers.

It became apparent towards the end of 2016, that along with being too clever of a name, it also was misleading potential customers to perceive that XOEye was exclusively a smart glass company versus a being a software solution provider. While the fact is that we work with great smart glasses partners, our technology solution is hardware agnostic – working equally well on mobile devices, tablets or smart glasses. Hardware is really a tool that helps the Vision platform fulfill its promise of intelligent field service communications.  This is why we decided to change our name to XOi – a nod to our past, but pointing us toward “intelligent” (as the “i” in XOi represents) technology solutions for field service companies.

We’re excited to be leading this path for the future, and walking with you on this journey.

Using any mobile device, Vision™ empowers your technicians to solve problems faster, delight your customers — and increase your bottom line.