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Profile of Jomi Holt, HVAC Technician at Lee Company



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In Jomi Holt's experience, everything you need to know isn't in a manual.

Jomi Holt has been an HVAC technician at Lee Company for over ten years. On a day-to-day basis, Holt provides service for a vast array of commercial clients, spanning industries that include healthcare, industrial, financial, military and more.

As an expert in his field, Holt serves as a mentor to other technicians, while still taking service calls himself. For Holt, his job is about providing tangible value to clients.

"I like my job because I am able to help customers by fixing their problems,” Holt said. "Of course, my family is the reason that I get up and do my job. That’s why it's important for me to be able to leverage tools that allow me to be efficient on the job so I can spend more time with family."

In the past, Holt has driven locally and regionally to mentor younger, less-experienced technicians. On average, Holt spends about two hours of his eight-hour day on the phone with other technicians helping them troubleshoot. Now that Lee Company has integrated wearable technology solutions from XOEye Technologies with their field service teams, Lee Company experts — like Holt — can virtually monitor and advise on service calls remotely, and provide timely guidance from anywhere.

"A huge percentage of my time is spent on the phone with people,” Holt said. “Many newer technicians don’t always understand the issue they are dealing with. Having a video recap resource helps get them up-to-date quickly, increase efficiency and save time.”

That is where the XOEye Technologies come in.

As an integral workflow tool for Lee Company, the wearable technology solutions provided by XOEye have quickly become a valuable resource for technicians, and have changed the way they do their jobs.  Being one of his company’s earliest adopters, Holt has found XOEye solutions easy to incorporate into his normal routine.

“When a tool is part of your safety attire, like glasses, it’s very simple to take it into the facility on every job,” Holt said. "I can use it on every job to get before and after footage, show a specific issue, and record all of that information for future reference."

That convenience has made XOEye ’s solutions a natural extension of the problem-solving process for the team at Lee Company. Holt witnessed the value of XOEye firsthand when another technician, calling from a site that was nearly two hours away, needed his help.

“He wasn’t familiar with the boiler that he was working on,” said Holt. “Using XOEye, I recognized the boiler and I was able to describe what needed to be done, how to repair it, and what parts needed to be replaced."

On that call alone, XOEye’s technology saved Holt over four hours—half of his workday—of driving and on-site assistance by allowing him to mentor his colleague remotely. 

"In the past, when you have an instance where you are stumped or misdiagnose, you had to call your supervisor and have him come out to save you,” Holt said. “It's not a good feeling as a technician because you want to show the customer that you know what you’re doing."

XOEye gives less-experienced technicians a way to get the expert help they need without risking customer confidence. As a result, the customer gets expert service no matter who’s on site.

"When I was new, I would have loved to have XOEye technology!” Holt said. "There were so many calls that I could have used an expert’s eyes on the problem I was looking at—instead of staying out there for hours trying to figure out out myself."

Holt sees XOEye as a valuable tool to continue providing customers with service on an expanded basis by improve on-site quality of work and reducing the number of call backs. In the long term, Holt sees XOEye Technologies extending his career past the age where he can comfortably climb roofs. 

“This line of work is very physically demanding,” Holt said. "When that’s no longer viable for me, I can still share my expertise with the Lee Company team and younger technicians using XOEye’s technology.”

Lee Company has aspirations to put a triage center in place where experts like Holt can make their way out of the field and spend their time mentoring others. Holt's ability to enhance customer experience and help other team members now has a longer lifespan, thanks to XOEye.

"My generation has watched tech as it has evolved,” Holt said. "Our culture is embracing it and soon it will be a requirement. Using XOEye now gives us a competitive advantage in the long run."