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Ditch Software Rollout Drama with XOi Vision’s Painless Deployment

Four Reasons Your Onboarding Will be Stress Free

At some point, every business has been brutalized by a software evaluation gone wrong. Maybe it was an insufferably long and complicated trial start-up or a failure to define what the organization hoped to achieve. Whatever the reason, the experience left a scar. You feel anxious about piloting XOi Vision™, even though you believe capturing and leveraging visual intelligence in the field could make a powerful impact on your customer experience.

Relax. You don’t need every duck in a row to enjoy a smooth, simple and successful pilot of Vision™. We have a proven process, and you will find it is (truly!) easy to get started.

We are Completely Dedicated to the Success of your Onboarding

We’ve worked with many field service organizations and we know exactly how to help you make the most out of your onboarding period. It starts with defining your criteria for success so we can set concrete objectives and expectations for the first 30 days. Then we advise you about who to put on your onboarding team—starting with four technicians, with one being your most respected ‘alpha tech’.

With success criteria defined and a good onboarding team in place, it’s time to spend 30 days putting Vision™ through the paces of your demanding, real-world work environment. During onboarding and with our coaching, your team simply needs to:

  1. Create content
  2. Share content (internally and with customers)
  3. Gather feedback
  4. Measure success

We Will Execute Your Onboarding in a Minimally Intrusive Way

We don’t need to reinvent existing workflow and processes that are working well for your business. Our goal (and the purpose of XOi Vision™) is to help you enhance those existing operations by getting information from the field to your customers and internal stakeholders with greater ease and efficiency. Content you create with Vision™ should help customers make more informed decisions and help techs collaborate more effectively.

Worry-free Setup in the Cloud.

Onboarding is executed in the Vision™ cloud solution which is fully managed by our IT professionals. The only thing you’ll need to install is the Vision™ mobile app. This means you can focus on getting the most of your time without worrying about reading technical manuals or finding internal resources to support your evaluation.

Getting Started is Quick and Easy, PLUS We Help You Through Each Step

Once you’ve defined the success metrics for your onboarding period, there’s no need to wait weeks to begin leveraging the power of Vision™. You can launch tomorrow. Or the next day. The startup steps couldn’t be easier:

  1. Download the XOi Vision™ app to your mobile devices. If you have older smartphones, we can help you check the hardware and operating system compatibility of your devices.
  2. Check your network’s live streaming capabilities. Live streaming can be conducted over cellular or WiFi, so we will need to ensure your network is capable of livestreaming one-way video and two-way audio conferencing. This can be tested in a few minutes through a link we will provide to you.
  3. We integrate with many Field Service Management (FSM) solutions. Integration enables you to create content and launch it with the push of a button—so you can include video via hyperlinks in service tickets and customer communications. If Vision™ already links to your FSM, you can begin utilizing the integration on day one of onboarding.
  4. We train your employees to participate in the onboarding process. Alongside your leadership team, we’ll present Vision™ to your technicians during a 90 minute training agenda that covers how to use the app, what types of content to capture, and more.

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Using any mobile device, Vision™ empowers your technicians to solve problems faster, delight your customers — and increase your bottom line.