Data-Basics customers integrate XOi Vision software to increase customer satisfaction and improve workflow efficiency.
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XOi Technologies

Exceeding Expectations: Data-Basics and XOi Technologies Integrate to Give You More

Service companies are looking for something…more. More functionality, but without requiring special hardware. More efficiency. More transparency. And more than just the same field service management (FSM) application everyone else is using. That’s why Data-Basics has teamed up with XOi Technologies to integrate the XOi Vision™ platform into their existing SAMPro Enterprise ERP Field Service Management software offering. To provide the companies they serve with more.

The Challenge is Everyone Competes in the Same Way

Industry research indicates that field service companies are facing some troublesome challenges. The average age of field service techs is now estimated to be around 40 years old. This means the most highly skilled group of techs is about to retire. And with them goes a wealth of knowledge and long-standing customer relationships if companies don’t figure out how to capture that experience.  

Add to that the fact your customers really only want one thing: for you to solve their problems. Service organizations are facing the challenges that an FSM alone just won’t solve. That’s where an integration like SAMPro and Vision™ makes a lot of sense.

The “More” Service Companies are Looking For

The goal of every company in the service industry is to keep your customers happy. The sad truth, however, is that your company is only as good as your last service call. Did your techs encounter a problem which required dispatch to roll a second truck? Not only does that frustrate the customer because it takes longer to complete a repair, but it’s also expensive. The industry average cost just to send someone out is about $430 per truck.

Integrating the XOi Vision™ platform gives SAMPro field service techs a seamless experience that allows them to:

  • Add photos and videos to customer quotes and receipts. 

    Techs need only snap a few pictures. The pictures are stored in the cloud, so the tech can share them, via an embedded web link in the work order receipt, with customers, managers, and even other service technicians. This means you can show your customers what needs to be repaired and what a great repair looks like.

  • Improve efficiency by capturing relevant information. 

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that converts words and numbers in an image to editable text on a screen. For techs in the field, this means capturing important information – like model numbers, serial numbers, part numbers, and even manufacturing device numbers – is as easy as snapping a picture of the data tag. The Vision™ software then converts that information to text that can be used to auto-populate equipment records in SAMPro.

  • Improve both productivity and service quality.

    How many times have you had to hold a job because the one tech who had the required experience required was busy with other repairs? How much time have you lost pairing new techs with experienced techs for weeks to ensure they could perform the minimum requirements of the job? The Vision™ platform reduces that lost time by providing your techs the capability to contribute to an always-growing knowledge base that is specific to your company. The knowledge base works in two ways:

    • Static training: Experienced techs can create and upload training videos from their mobile device, action camera, or wearable POV camera to walk less-experienced techs through step-by-step repairs. Once these videos are captured, they are stored in the cloud so they are accessible by any tech in any location where mobile web access is available.
    • Live collaboration: It’s hard for everyone to know everything. Using the Vision™ platform, techs can collaborate through video-enabled three-way calling from anywhere they have a cell signal. That means you don’t have to send another truck out to ensure a job gets done. Your techs can collaborate regardless of their proximity.

The competitive nature of the field services market means service companies need to operate more efficiently and they must differentiate themselves from the competition. By allowing for seamless integration with XOi Vision™, the Data-Basics SAMPro Enterprise application provides the more you’ve been looking for.

Using any mobile device, Vision™ empowers your technicians to solve problems faster, delight your customers — and increase your bottom line.