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XOi Technologies

Brady launches largest East Coast deployment of smart glasses technology


Location: North Carolina (6 locations)
Website:  www.bradyservices.com
Industry:  Residential & Commercial Facilities Solutions
Size:  420+ employees
Deployment: Fall, 2016


The smart glasses, which capture and stream high fidelity audio and visual content, enabling first-person point-of-view (POV), were rolled out to Brady field technicians as part of the company’s vision of changing from a building services company using technology to a technology company in the building services space. “As part of this vision, we look for partners to help us utilize new technology to increase value for our customers,” said Brady President Jim Brady. “In this case, XOEye helped us figure out how to simultaneously increase value to our customers and help our technicians be more productive.”


The recently completed rollout – the first of its kind on the East Coast – equipped Brady field technicians with 150 safety-certified industrial grade eyewear devices that – in addition to capturing visual and audio intelligence – provides transparency for customers, helping them make more timely and informed decisions.


“Our use of XOEye’s technology increases the customer experience and helps demonstrate the value we bring as a professional organization,” said Jeff Smith, vice president of service operations, Brady. “The glasses are also used for remote support and to leverage the expertise of our technicians. The videos are also used later to train our technicians, dispatch, and sales teams.”