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XOi Technologies

BP Group Discovers Increased Productivity


Location:  Greater New York City
Website:  www.bpgroup.com
Industry:  Building Technologies
Size:  160+ employees
Deployment: Winter, 2016


New York City-based The BP Group has provided mechanical HVAC and building optimization to customers for more than 35 years. The employee-owned firm, known for its customer first mentality and innovation in the field, has recently deployed XOEye Technologies’ smart glasses to 60 field technicians and 12 project managers. The BP Group employee base consists of 160 plus personnel.

XOEye’s smart glasses provide real time data, giving us the ability to provide real time solutions,” said Michael Brathwaite, executive vice president, BP Air Conditioning Corp. “In New York City, we are all about time. We now have the ability to pass correct information to our technicians and clients in a New York City minute.”

Through their cloud-based platform Vision, XOEye’s communication platform helps to harness the power of real-time video, audio communication, and content sharing to unlock business opportunities and boost revenue. It allows technicians to virtually connect with each of their team members to obtain the best and most accurate information. Information can quickly be sent, received and reviewed through the use of a cloud database.

The perks of this technology are reciprocated between the service provider and client, offering transparency of the service being provided, the importance of equipment maintenance and increased knowledge of the work being completed in the field.

The BP Group has a track record of implementing technology to benefit their clients and employees and continue to look for new ways to do so.

“Our firm has always looked for opportunities to grow,” said Jack Fanneron, president, The BP Group. “This technology increases trust and transparency with our clients and increases efficiency with our field technicians. Each technician can now be equally as qualified as our best technicians.”