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Blog Series: Peep The Playbook

An Introduction


Since 2013, the XOEye team has spent thousands of hours in the field with our mechanical, electrical, and plumbing customers watching, learning, and asking as many questions as we can. In that time, we found more use cases than we could imagine. Anyone familiar with technology deployments understands the risk of trying to “boil the ocean” with a solution, only to never really get 1 or 2 core use cases integrated effectively.  With any new technology solution deployment, adoption is key to success. This is why we have invested so heavily in developing and perfecting our customer on boarding process.

In an effort to not lose strong use cases, but understand the value of seasonality and value timing, we created a “playbook”.  It is effectively a book of business cases, summarized like a football playbook, and organized based on “formations” or business strategies.

Why a “playbook”? Because "business case book" doesn't exactly inspire enthusiasm, plus we love sports so it's a natural extension of ourselves and the countless rapport-building conversations we often get into with customers.

In this first edition of our “Peep the Playbook” blog series, we will take a look at how we set the stage for a customer once they have deployed the XOEye Vision™ solution, and what a critical path to success when choosing and running these plays looks like.

As we progress through this blog series, in future posts we will pull real plays, break them down, and give real world examples of how these plays have worked in live game settings when it matters most.

Let us know what you think. XOEye always works collaboratively and your feedback is instrumental in making these plays successful.  You can also contact us today about running a play for yourself, and get in the game!


>> See how we set the plays up.