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How the Best HVAC Companies Use Technology for a Better Service Experience


This guest post by Michael Rosone was originally published by Arista Air Conditioning Corp on December 17, 2017 and is reused here with their permission.

Do you ever feel like you’re getting the short shrift from your HVAC company? If you have been dissatisfied with your HVAC vendor and suspect more attentive and knowledgeable service is available, your suspicions are correct. While there are many reputable HVAC contractors out there, only the best HVAC companies invest in leading-edge technology to enhance their already outstanding service.

The fear of the unknown

Though you might not be thrilled with the services your HVAC company provides, you might also be reluctant to switch HVAC companies because at least you know what you’re getting with your current vendor. By being lulled into complacency by your HVAC provider, you probably are missing out on the superior service that is only available from the best-rated HVAC companies in your area. If you are experiencing any of the below-mentioned problems, it’s time to hire one of the best HVAC companies in the NYC metropolitan area, Arista Air.

Telltale signs of subpar service & solutions from the best HVAC companies

Does your HVAC provider have difficulty finding your address or take too long to arrive in an emergency situation? The best HVAC companies have advanced GPS systems with pinpoint accuracy, which makes dispatching technicians to your location a speedy process. It also allows the HVAC company to track arrival and service call efficiency.

If you are dealing with a metro NYC HVAC company, you undoubtedly have had different technicians working on your HVAC equipment. Does your technician show up with wrinkled paperwork in hand? Does the technician return to the truck to obtain information on your system and past service calls from a dispatcher?

The best HVAC companies outfit their employees with mobile devices including tablet computers, smart phones and dedicated wireless devices, which streamline the service call process. There is no need for the technician to waste time returning to the office to get a work order. And once the tech is at your place, returns to the truck for calls to the dispatcher are unnecessary because there is immediate electronic access to your records. The electronic devices facilitate organized record-keeping.


Does your technician ever have difficulty diagnosing what is ailing your HVAC system? Does your HVAC company come in and seemingly solve a problem only for you to find it’s not fixed? Repeat visits to repair the same problem are costly and time-consuming. The best HVAC companies are equipped with electronic diagnostic tools that facilitate quick and accurate problem-solving.

Modern diagnostic tools, used by the best HVAC companies, help technicians detect signs of potential problems before a full-blown breakdown occurs. Besides monitoring your system’s performance, today’s electronic tools allow companies to gauge employees’ performance and provide training to eradicate any deficiencies. Supervisors can access records to determine if technicians are taking too long on a call or if they did not render the proper repair prompting a return visit.

Today’s technology, utilized by the best HVAC companies, allows your technician to see a complete inventory of parts, which eliminates the need to return to a job site the next day after a part gets tracked down. The technician can promptly find the location of a part and often can pick it up without delay.

Do you feel a bit uneasy when your technician scribbles down your credit card info on a random piece of paper? What if your tech throws caution and your credit card information to the wind? Imagine the headaches if an identity thief gets hold of your vital financial information. The best HVAC companies use mobile electronic devices to encrypt your payment information to ensure your security.

Did you ever call your HVAC provider with a question and feel frustrated by the lack of information flowing from the other phone? Have you grown impatient about the amount of time you spend on hold while they sift through a file cabinet to retrieve your system’s information? The best HVAC companies have electronic records at their fingertips, which means no delays.

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The ultimate new technology: seeing is believing

Only the best HVAC companies, such as Arista Air, have invested in cutting-edge technology that shows their dedication to transparent and expert service by supplying technicians with wearable video technology that records service calls. The technicians now wear recording devices that resemble safety glasses and provide you with a link to the video after the service call.

The service expert is not just telling you what tasks were completed or listing the work on a bill; the technician shows you the services performed. This evidence-based approach takes the whole customer service experience to another level by enhancing communication, giving technicians immediate access to the collective experience of Arista’s extensive staff and optimizing record-keeping. Only the best HVAC companies have enough confidence in their staff to provide you with visual documentation of a service call.

If you want to learn more about this exciting technology, check out our free guide: Evidence-Based Approach to Choosing an HVAC Company.

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