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3 Technician Videos that Built Customer Trust & Increased Sales

Peep the workflow of XOi Vision™

This is the first article in our new Peep the Workflow blog series, where we will show you exactly how businesses are using Vision™ to:

  1. Create more time for field service managers and technicians
  2. Increase sales
  3. Collaborate, communicate and share knowledge more effectively and effciently
  4. Improve customer retention and increase satisfaction  
  5. Retain institutional knowledge and train new technicians as seasoned pros retire

In this post we’ll look at three ways videos are transforming the entire assessment process, increasing sales and building customer trust along the way.  

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth 1.8 million

During a Forrester Research study conducted by Dr. James McQuivey, he found that if a picture is worth 1,000 words then 60 seconds of video is worth 1.8 million words.

Why does that matter?

Because today’s customers expect access to enough information to make informed decisions about their property. To improve the efficiency of paperwork, Vision™ can help your technicians capture information, such as serial numbers from data plates, on video and automatically flow the data into forms, such as a job safety analysis.  

Field service technicians spend a lot of time adding details to the quote to ensure customers understand the problem and will sign off on the job. Even when you think you’ve added plenty of information, customers often call for additional explanation. That’s more time lost before the job has even started.

Now imagine if you included a video like this one with your quote or proposal.

Notice what a great job the tech does explaining the problem and how he believes the problem happened. He describes a grinding noise and then lets the customer hear it on the video. This video and a repair quote should provide the detail needed for a customer to make a decision.

Build trust from a distance

In this video a customer captures a damaged heat exchanger on a Day & Night gas package unit.

The technician states that the heat exchanger has holes in it, and then using a pen, he demonstrates on the video that the pen sinks into the holes. This makes the problem extremely obvious, even to the untrained eye.

When customers see the issue for themselves, it’s much easier to get their go-ahead to replace or repair. This adds a layer of trust and convenience for customers—especially offsite property or facilities managers.

When a problem is dangerous, video helps communicate the urgency

A customer used the next video to alert one of their clients to dangerous noncompliance issues surrounding two commercial water heaters.

In this case, the customer needs to move quickly, before someone could get hurt. The video highlighting exposed live wires and parts in danger of melting communicates the urgency of the situation effectively to the customer.

Stay tuned for future “peeps” into how to make your workflow more efficient…

You can probably also easily imagine any of these customers using the above video as a training tool to help technicians spot and diagnose compliance violations. It’s just one of many ways that XOi Vision™ can help you add efficiency and effectiveness to your daily operations. Stay tuned for future “peeps” into how to improve your workflow process.


Using any mobile device, Vision™ empowers your technicians to solve problems faster, delight your customers — and increase your bottom line.