Blue-collar industry is our home turf


For over a decade, blue-collar industries have faced a glaring shortage of skilled workers. Skilled trades are the #1 most difficult job to fill in the U.S. This skills gap is burdening businesses everywhere with field service companies being hit hardest. To survive, they are forced to answer this question: in the face of a skilled trades shortage, how do we grow? Answering this question drives us.

XOi Technologies (formerly XOEye) was built to solve problems we’d personally seen in the field. We’ve been on calls to rooftops and in basements. Our calluses and cranky knees prove it. We understand the value of experienced technicians — and the struggle to train new ones. These workers are our people, and this industry is our passion.

We launched Vision™ in January 2016 after living through major communication and workforce optimization issues in our prior manufacturing and construction businesses. After further conversation with hundreds of services businesses, the real threat of the growing skilled trades gap and end customer trust issues was readily apparent.

XOi’s Vision™ uses workflow automation, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and machine learning to streamline documentation of service calls, facilitate real time remote support, intelligently archive and resurface service content, and improve customer transparency from the frontlines of field service. We empower our field service customers to effectively put their best tech on every site, which speeds resolution of issues, reduces cost and increases sell- through of recommended maintenance and upgrades. XOi customers typically see a 35% increase in tickets closed per technician, a 24% increase in the revenue value per ticket, and a significant reduction in expensive second truck rolls.

By providing technology solutions that multiply your workforce, we are committed to the current and future success of industrial enterprise in America and beyond. Our team is your partner for business success today and for generations to come.

Investing in the future of field service


Not only do we provide leading technology to boost business in deskless industries—but we’re compelled to invest in future generations who will labor after us by committing time and funds the cause.

XOi is pleased to support the advancement of the skilled trades in education — such as the Shop Rat Foundation — technology and more. We’d love to talk to you about getting involved in similar worthwhile efforts.

Interested in joining our team?


We’re always on the lookout for tech talent and people who are passionate about helping clients overcome challenges and achieve success. Think you might be a great fit? We’d love to hear from you.

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XOi Technologies is an innovative company with locations in leading tech hubs like Chicago, Nashville, and Los Angeles. From BBQ, to pizza, to sushi…we’ve got lunch meetings covered. So let’s get together.