XOi Vision:
Your Best Tech On Every Site
Using any mobile device, Vision™ empowers your technicians to solve problems faster, delight your customers—and increase your bottom line. Click the play button above to see how.
Our Cloud-Based Platform Uses Machine Learning in the Field

At the heart of XOi Technologies is the Vision™ platform. Vision™ can be accessed through any mobile device or select smart glasses. It works as a standalone platform or can integrate seamlessly with your existing Field Service Management (FSM) solution.

Vision™ empowers your technicians to get the right information when they need it, to build trust and transparency with your customers, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

How Does It Work? 

At XOi Technologies, we leverage machine learning such as natural language processing (NLP) and optical character recognition (OCR). We also automate the identification of content along with the sharing of that content. Essentially streamlining how information comes in and goes out. 

Build Trust & Transparency

When a recommended repair arises, your technicians can create videos that scope the work while showing the logistics, access and site conditions so your sales team can accurately and efficiently quote. Technicians can also make videos for customers, transforming the deliverables and providing a level of trust and transparency that customers expect.

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Techs trust Vision™ because it is easy to use, they can solve problems faster and make customers happy. It’s also a nice CYA.

Vision users see a 35% increase in the number of tickets closed.

Sales Leaders rely on Vision™ because it sets them apart with a better customer experience. Translation: They sell more stuff.

Vision users see a 24% increase in revenue value of each ticket.

Managers depend on Vision™ to validate quality and consistency in the field and to optimize their workforce. Don’t roll that second truck.

On average, it costs over $400 to roll a second truck.
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"Our customers’ expectations continue to change all the time, and they have changed drastically in terms of the transparency they expect from a service vendor and the level of accountability they ask for. Vision™ has enabled us to bring that solution to our customers. And bringing that kind of clarity to our customers has raised the bar and differentiated us in this industry. To integrate this level of transparency into this business is creating a very unique level of trust."
— Steve Scott, VP of Facilities Solutions, Lee Company
"Our experience with XOi has been world-class professional. We are excited to discover the full potential for this technology. I have told our staff that we will reach the limit of this technology only when our imagination stops."
— Norval Luth, Market Equipment
"While there are incredible operational efficiencies that enable mobility and collaboration for our staff through telepresence and increased accountability, the real benefit of this technology is that our customers can now witness firsthand the current state of their building through a multi-media experience."
— Bradd Busick, CIO, MacDonald-Miller